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Art Galleries

The Rialto

Antique Alley has a new attraction in one of it's long lasting iconic establishments. The Rialto has been completely transformed into a phenomenal gallery space. With visions of becoming an inspirational collaborative, the Rialto is bringing in local artist and creative space to cultivate talent, creativity, and provide harbor for artist at all walks of life.

Brook and Emery continue to dynamically duo (Yes, we made that a verb) across the river into West Monroe. They've taken the same principles from the Garett House Gallery, Arrow Public Art, and their love for community involved art and taken it to the next level. With classes, events, and artist in residence, the Rialto gallery is sure to make a huge impact on #acreative318 and all those who peak inside to be inspired.

We'll sum it up with Brook's own words, “I personally seek artists, either local or regional, to bring in for shows. I am looking for emerging or professional artists that create works that I feel will help enrich our community. I like to look for artists that are doing something a little different than we are used to seeing."

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